Student opportunities

Evolutionary Robotics

  • Voxel-based soft robots (VSRs)

    • Cooperative co-evolution of body and brain of VSRs

    • Learning techniques for the controllers of VSRs: reinforcement learning

    • Auto-assembly of VSRs

    • Grammar-based generative encoding for developing (phenotypically plastic) modular robots

    • Resolution-agnostic representation for evolution of closed-loop controllers of VSRs

    • Human control of VSRs with a brain-computer interface

  • Real robots

    • Hybrid (real vs. simulated) controller learning for addressing the reality gap

    • PushGP on mobile robots (Thymio-II): a machine-friendly representation for robotic agents controllers

Artificial Life

  • Development of an Artificial Life simulator for investigating the Alife-Human interactions

See also the student opportunities at the Machine Learning Lab.