Evolutionary Robotics and Artificial Life Lab

Artificial Life (ALife) studies systems, processes, and evolution of natural life through software or robot-based simulation. Evolutionary Robotics (ER) is about the design of controllers and/or morphologies for autonomous robotic (possibly simulated) agents by means of evolutionary computation. ALife and ER are complementary and enable research with an higher level of abstraction on human-robot interaction.

In the ERAL lab, we try to address some big research questions concerning ALife and ER, by means of experimentation and building on our strong background of evolutionary computation. We aim at involving students from a broad range of disciplines in our research activities.

ERAL lab is part of the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA) of the University of Trieste and is run by prof. Eric Medvet aided by PhD, master, and bachelor students. The lab is located in the 2nd (topmost) floor of building C3, campus of Piazzale Europa, next to the Machine Learning Lab.