Voxel-based Soft Robots

ReMoSo Project

In February 2020, we have been selected as recipient for the Google Faculty Research Award for the project ReMoSo. Here is a short description.

ReMoSo: representations and learning algorithms for highly reconfigurable modular soft robots

Voxel-based soft robots (VSRs) are a kind of robots that are intrinsically modular and reconfigurable, being an aggregation of many simple soft blocks. These features make VSRs potentially suitable for solving a wide range of tasks, provided that their body and brain is tailored to the specific task. Optimization and learning can be the mean through which tailoring is obtained, but current algorithms and representations do not explicitly exploit the intrinsic modularity and reconfigurability of VSRs: a good VSR for a task might be obtained by automatically reusing parts of other VSRs that are good for other tasks. This project will pursue this goal: designing algorithms and representations for the optimization of modular and reconfigurable VSRs. Moreover, for facilitating results and boosting research in this field, software tools and benchmarks will be developed too and released openly.

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